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RFID System Services
RFID System Services
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Internet of Things, can implement in cross-domain and different scenarios, so it plays an important role for data collection and is the basis for building the Internet of Things.

RFID technology consists of electric tags, readers equipment and information management system, which uses radio wave communication to identify objects and has multiple advantages such as fast communication speed, small size, and long operating distance. It can collect data quickly and linked with the database and implements in various field including warehousing and logistics management, manufacturing and assembly, identification, animal identification, access control and anti-theft systems, medical services, luggage and mail processing, document management, etc.

Taiwan Futaba's technical team has rich integration experience in RFID solution. We provide hardware, software and overall solutions for the Internet of Things for factories, government agencies, schools, hospitals, care institutions and airports, etc.

- 高雄醫學院 / RFID using in OR, ER
- 小港醫院緊急醫療系統
- IC設計業界入出庫管理RFID応用イメージ
- 傑農合作農場 / 嵌入式RFID塑膠容器應用
- 北斗合作農場 / 庫存及容器管理應用
- 屏東農漁會 / 庫存及塑膠容器管理應用
- 中聯爐石槽車領料管理
- 傑農合作農場RFID自動化過磅清洗設備整合
- 小港機場車輛門禁管理
- 鶯歌陶瓷博物館 / 典藏庫房RFID管理系統建置
- 台灣日東電工 / 台車可視化管理
- 國立台灣美術館 / 新庫房典藏管理RFID應用系統建置案


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