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Job Opening
Job Opening
Learning & Development
Through compulsory courses and project-based courses to urge employees to improve themselves to have the competency by cooperating with internal lecturers and external academic institutions. Many elective courses can meet employees with the need of general knowledge.
Employees can be recommended taking part in promotion exams by accumulating a certain amount of training courses and the basic conditions of the seniority, attendance and performance. They have the greatest autonomy for self-growth.
Through the self-development, by providing employees rewards to encourage them to continue learning and improving their ability.
Besides the salary, Taiwan Futaba abides by laws and regulations and acts in concert with the social custom aspects of marriage, funeral, social insurance, childcare and leisure. In order to create an environment where employees can work in peace.
Taiwan Futaba not only offers labor insurance, health insurance and pension to employees legally, but also offers group insurance to them, their spouse and children by fully paid.
The condolences payment to employees, their spouse and children during marriage, funeral and hospitalization.
The Interest-free installment to employees who are in urgent need, such as the natural disasters, first time home purchasing and school registration of loans.
The domestic company trip in spring and autumn twice a year.
The restaurant facilitated for dining needs of employees.
The gift certificate to employees when the birthday.
The scholarship for employee whose children are outstanding in school.
The leisure activities including fishing, bowling, barbecue… etc..
The communicating channel for encouraging employees to participate in social activities.
The cash gift and certificate of merit of honor are issued every year to reward senior employees.
The separation for employees choosing old labor pension plan resign before the retirement for their contributions.
The child-care assistance, including breastfeeding rooms, nursing leave, parental leave without payment, child-care facilities.
The gift certificate to employees during the founding anniversary of the company, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals.
Two days of children's marriage leave for employees before the day of the wedding day.
Employees who pass the English or Japanese language examination and participate in company's Japanese courses and pass the test or get the higher degree, giving rewards to encourage them.